Bike Maintenance tips to keep your Bike in good health

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May 6, 2020
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October 14, 2021
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Bike Maintenance tips to keep your Bike in good health

 Few bike maintenance tips to be kept in mind.

1) On-time Replacement of Fluids

Know the feeling when your throat is parched and how your body wants to collapse when you’re dehydrated? It’s the same with a two-wheeler. When it’s running low or hasn’t been revitalized with vital fluids which are essential for its smooth operation, it feels parched. Ensure that all fluids, including the Engine Oil, brake oil, coolant, etc are replaced on time. It is okay to be extra cautious and replace them slightly before the recommended interval. However, postponing the replacement schedule will lead to

a) Increased wear-n-tear

b) Dull performance

c) Low efficiency

d) And if you’re lazy, a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

2) Regular Service.

Follow your bike’s manual to the ‘T’ when it comes to visiting the service station for a periodic maintenance stop. Talk to your service adviser and notify him about any known issues the bike’s been facing. Once the job has been done, take the bike for a spin to ascertain if all reported problems have been resolved.

These days you don’t need to work this much for your bike servicing. You can just book a service online with Mechido. We provide service at your doorstep. Our experts will reach your location and they’ll proactively ask for the issues you are facing in your bike. Rest will be taken care of with skilled and quality work performed in a very transparent way.

3) Signs of Aging

Once your bike starts to get old, you should take time out more frequently for a periodic visual inspection. Check for any cracks in the cables or if any of the bulbs have been flickering or glowing at half their capacity. Notice any changes in the bike’s performance or any strange noises from the engine when you ride. If there’s any such thing happening, visit the service station or can reach MECHIDO immediately and get the bike checked as it could be a worn-out clutch or a bearing or something even worse.

Other Signs of Aging –

Check the tyres for their tread and overall health. Furthermore, check the wheels for any bends or cracks and get them checked for alignment and balance at regular intervals. Once the battery starts getting older, it loses its charge rather quickly and will give up on you eventually. Get it replaced with a new unit if required. If any of the control switches or levers look or feel fragile, replace them. The same goes for the foot-pegs; if they’ve become loose, have become too scruffy, and do not lend much confidence when you rest your feet on them.

Check the side stand for its tautness and ensure it hasn’t changed its angle too much over the years, making the bike leaning dangerously while it rests on it. The fuel filler cap can become ill-fitting or its key mechanism could go bad with time. This allows fuel to evaporate slowly or water to enter when it rains. Replace it with a new one or fix the existing unit if possible. Do not neglect the mirrors and ensure they retain their adjust-ability at all times. Tighten the stem if it’s loose. You can also replace the entire unit if the glass housing hangs free.

4) Riding Style

A large part of bike maintenance also involves your usage pattern. Ride the bike according to its character and capabilities. For example, riding a high-torque motorcycle constantly near its redline is pointless if the engine generates its peak power at a much lower point. Similarly, if you regularly max out a small capacity single for an extended duration, its components will wear out faster due to overheating. Goes without saying that pulling off wheelies, burnouts, and stoppies is not only hazardous for your own and others’ safety, it also takes a big toll on the components of your bike.

5) Regular Checks

These are little things that go a long way in ensuring that your bike stays in a healthy state at all times. Ensure that the bike is cleaned and you perform a self-check after every long trip. When you park it, do so in a place where there’s a good amount of shade. Exposing your two-wheeler to direct sunlight will rob the paint of its sheen and cause the plastics and rubber components to harden and develop cracks. Check and maintain recommended tire pressure regularly. Do not run the bike in an almost empty state frequently. If it comes equipped with an FI system, the fuel pump’s life gets reduced drastically.

These are just some of the basic bike maintenance steps. Follow them to ensure that your bike performs to please, every time you thumb the starter. If you haven’t started yet, it’s never too late.

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